Mother Earth is Calling You, Here & Now
Bench overlooking the Straight of Juan de Fuca

Bench overlooking the Straight of Juan de Fuca

A place to Meditate & Contemplate the Elemental Powers of the Ocean
East Sooke Regional Park
East Sooke Regional Park - An abundance of Wild Flowers
The Celestine Prophecy

The Celestine Prophecy

Although this book is fairly old (1993), and proposes some ideas that are quite mainstream now, I would still recommend it as a very enlightening and entertaining read. The idea of learning how to tap into and/or connect with a unified energy field for guidance and healing is a central theme in this book. Being with nature and the outdoors as a conduit for discovering this energy is also a big part of any Elemental Magick Adventure.
Mother Earth is Calling Us to Return to Her Wisdom

Mother Earth is Calling Us to Return to Her Wisdom

Have you ever had the experience of wandering through a forest & encountering a ‘sacred space’ where you just naturally felt inclined to stop & take a deep breath? Taking a few more moments to slow down and become fully Present, you could not help but notice a revitalizing & peaceful force all around you.  If you have had one of these experiences, I am sure you will agree that this Energy or Presence is undeniable. Whether you experience this on a subtle or profound level, I am sure that most of us are able to acknowledge that something ‘very real’ is out there. Some of us are even able to appreciate that this pristine awareness also resides deep within us, and the resonance between this space and Nature, helps to bring us closer to our ‘True Selves’. By learning how to deeply connect and communicate with Mother Nature, you will discover some amazing things about the world around you and your true potential.

Elemental Magick Holistic Adventures are all about deepening your connection to Nature. Most people have some awareness of how forests and other natural environments tend to effortlessly promote a state of calmness and quiet reflection. It’s nice to know that Mother Nature will bestow her healing properties on you no matter what your level of awareness. However, when your connection to Mother Nature is deepened, you will become even more tuned into and able to access her Healing Powers. The more your Awareness grows, the better the results.
I think it is pretty obvious that one of my passions in life is to facilitate a deeper appreciation of Nature as a living system, possessing amazing healing energies and even a consciousness that can teach us great wisdom.  I believe that when we become more aware of the innate powers existing in Nature, our level of consciousness will inevitably be raised. This will result in such things as pursuing right actions (mind), improved health (body) and a greater sense of peace (soul). This is the Magick that that Mother Nature is wanting to share with us. I would even go as far as saying that Mother Nature is currently, more than ever before, in the process of waking many of us up and calling us to return to her wisdom. Given that, at some point in our evolutionary history, we all had a very intimate relationship with Nature, it could be said that we are being drawn back to our roots. I am definitely feeling this calling and am looking forward to sharing this work with others.
At this point in my life, I want to work with people who are ready to slow down, those who are serious about taking back control of their lives. If you are frequently feeling rushed or experiencing constant heightened stress, then I would argue that life is controlling you. You may think you are in control, but unless you enjoy feeling this constant pressure, and do not really want a more relaxed and balanced lifestyle, you are not truly in full control. Try this test.  In the middle of a busy stressful day, try taking a break to actually slow down. Tell yourself, that you are going to commit to taking at least 5 to 10 minutes of everyday, sitting somewhere in a natural setting. Does the thought of doing this actually create more stress? “OMG, if I take a break I will not get everything done!” I think it’s a bit ironic when we realize that the thought of trying to take some time for self-care, actually creates more stress. I am sure that most of you have heard this advice before, but how many of you actually take the time to slow down and do the things that revitalize and rejuvenate? Sure, you might come home after a busy day and watch some TV or scroll through your Facebook feed, but do these activities truly help you to relax, or are they simply distractions, there to keep you occupied until you are tired enough and ready to crash for the night?
As a Nature Connection Mentor, I essentially see myself as facilitating a deeper connection between you & Mother Nature. I take this work quite seriously. I do not see this as a one way street, where we simply take and give nothing in return. I believe that Nature needs and benefits from our Presence, just as much as we need and benefit from Nature's’ Presence. When we become more mindful with nature, nature becomes more mindful with us. On an even deeper level, I believe that Mother Earth, otherwise known as Gaia or Pachamama, is a living conscious Being possessing a Profound Caring Wisdom. All of our efforts to be environmentally sustainable must be rooted in a greater appreciation of our Relationship with Mother Earth. Mother Earth wants to give you her medicine but in order to do this you must be in Right Relationship with her. All of our efforts toward sustainability will be subtly flawed until this relationship is firmly established.
·         Find Sanity in what sometimes appears to be an Insane World
·         Deepen Your Roots - Be a part of something that is much greater than yourself
·         Surrender and Let Go - Let Mother Earth Take Care of you.
·         Coming to Your Senses - A Deeply Mindful Expereince of Nature  
·         Set Your Intentions for a more Empowered & Meaningful Life
·         Slow down! Relax! Rejuvenate!
·         Have fun! Be Adventurous! Push your Boundaries!
·         Return to Nature.  Return to Home!

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